Contest Time!

Contest TimeNow that I’m settled into my new home in Windhoek, I’m spending much of my time writing. I’m also researching ways to get my work published. As a new writer, one great way to do this is to enter contests.

I know, it seems daunting and a little scary to send your writing out into the world. But, if you can share your passion with others, then it’s completely worth it. Entering contests is also a helpful lesson in rejection. I’ve already entered a handful of contests, only to be turned down. It’s all part of being a writer in my opinion.

Helpful Tip: There are plenty of writing contests out there, both good and bad. Do your homework to ensure the contest that you’re entering is legitimate. Find contests through reputable magazines and websites, such as Writers Digest. Or, ask your critique group if they’ve ever heard of the contest.


I recently discovered Writecorner Press through Poets & Writers magazine. Writecorner Press offers contests for short fiction and poetry, as well as a scholarship for student writers. I am entering the E.M. Koeppel Short Fiction Contest.

Fellow writers, you still have a few weeks to enter. The deadline is April 30th and you must mail in your entry.

Check out the contest guidelines here.

To learn more about Writecorner Press, and E.M Koeppel, visit their website:

Wish me luck!

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